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The Ultimate Grilling Experience

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg® Egg Sizes

The Big Green Egg stands alone as the most versatile barbecue and outdoor cooking product on the market, with more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined. From appetizers to entrees to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all your expectations for culinary perfection ... and with seven convenient sizes to choose from, there is a Big Green Egg to fit any need and lifestyle!

Select Your Big Green Egg Size

XXL XXLarge Big Green Egg

The Biggest Green Egg of them all, the unrivaled XXLarge can easily handle your family reunion or cookouts with large groups – and is more than large enough to satisfy restaurant and catering needs.

You’ll need to gather a crowd to tackle all of the ribs, steaks and burgers this EGG can handle ... all at once! You can even roast a suckling pig ... explore all the culinary possibilities with the new XXL!

  • Grid Diameter: 29 in / 74 cm
  • Cooking Area: 672 sq in / 4336 sq cm
  • Weight: 424 lbs / 192 kgs

XL XLarge Big Green Egg

The hardworking XLarge EGG provides a cooking area that can easily accommodate meals for large families and cookouts with all your friends – and you can efficiently prepare several meals over the coals at once.

Ready to serve up twelve racks of ribs, twenty-four burgers or a couple of holiday turkeys with all the trimmings? No problem!

  • Grid Diameter: 24 in / 61 cm
  • Cooking Area: 452 sq in / 2919 sq cm
  • Weight: 219 lbs / 99 kgs

L Large

The Large EGG is the most popular size and a favorite to handle the cooking needs of most families and gatherings of friends.

Accommodates a complete array of EGGcessories for grilling, baking, roasting or smoking – and is versatile enough for weekend cookouts and pizza parties, large enough for eight steaks at once, and efficient enough for an impromptu meatloaf dinner for two!

  • Grid Diameter: 18.25 in / 46 cm
  • Cooking Area: 262 sq in / 1688 sq cm
  • Weight: 162 lbs / 73 kgs

M Medium

Big flavor in a compact package! The Medium EGG is perfectly sized for smaller families and couples, and accommodates all the most popular EGGcessories like the convEGGtor and Pizza & Baking Stone.

Get the famous Big Green Egg versatility and efficiency with plenty of cooking area to accommodate a backyard cookout of four large steaks or two whole chickens.

  • Grid Diameter: 15 in / 38 cm
  • Cooking Area: 177 sq in / 1140 sq cm
  • Weight: 114 lbs / 52 kgs

S Small

The Small EGG is an easy fit for smaller patios and balconies, and is easily able to prepare four burgers or chicken breasts at a time.

The Small EGG is often used as an addition to a larger EGG to allow the preparation of several courses at once, and is perfect for restaurants seeking the performance of an EGG in a size to fit a commercial kitchen.

  • Grid Diameter: 13 in / 33 cm
  • Cooking Area: 133 sq in / 856 sq cm
  • Weight: 80 lbs / 36 kgs


Destined to become a popular backyard staple and an invaluable culinary tool for restaurants – the MiniMax EGG™ was designed with the height of a Mini yet all the volume capabilities of a Small.

MiniMax comes with an easy to grip Carrier, so it's perfect as a table-side cooker at your garden party or a traveling EGG for motorhomes or tailgating.

  • Grid Diameter: 13 in / 33 cm
  • Cooking Area: 133 sq in / 856 sq cm
  • Weight: 76 lbs / 35 kgs


A Mini EGG is the perfect portable solution for picnics and occasions when you want to take The Ultimate Cooking Experience with you!

It is also a popular size for grilling on apartment balconies, vacations, boating and campfire meals – as well as a popular fixture in many commercial kitchens. Big results in a Mini package!

  • Grid Diameter: 10 in / 25 cm
  • Cooking Area: 79 sq in / 507 sq cm/li>
  • Weight: 39 lbs / 18 kgs

Designed and engineered to work perfectly with your Big Green Egg for years of enjoyment!

Outdoor Chef Custom Cooking Islands

Larger Custom Cooking Islands

Big Green Egg Larger Custom Cooking Table options

The larger Custom Cooking Island provides an impressive working surface and features high-quality aluminum and steel construction with solid stainless door pulls, a heavy-duty sliding shelf, paper towel rack, ample storage cabinets for charcoal and utensils, locking casters, a durable, weather resistant powder coated finish and comes with a lifetime warranty!

76 in / 1.9 m Cooking Island Large EGG – I76L

76 in / 1.9 m Cooking Island XLarge EGG – I76XL

85 in / 2.2 m Cooking Island XXLarge EGG – I85XXL

Compact Cooking Islands

Big Green Egg Custom Compact Cooking Table Options

The 60 in / 1.5 m Custom Cooking Island fits smaller spaces yet offers the convenience of a heavy-duty sliding shelf and features the same high-quality aluminum and steel construction as the larger version. Either way, you will marvel at the quality, versatility and beauty of these EGG Islands.

60 in / 1.5 m Cooking Island – Large EGG – I60L

60 in / 1.5 m Cooking Island – XLarge EGG – I60XL

Artisan Hardwood Tables

Tropical Mahogany Artisan Hardwood Tables

Fashioned from exotic woods grown in ecologically sustainable forests, Big Green Egg's unique Tropical Mahogany Hardwood Tables are handcrafted to the highest quality standards and offer ample and convenient working and serving area. Each table is a durable and unique work of art so beautiful that you'll want to use them indoors!

Tropical Mahogany Table for Large EGG – TSML
58 in L x 29 in W x 34 in H / 1.4 m L x .7 m W x .9 m H

Tropical Mahogany Table for XLarge EGG – TSMXL
63 in L x 34 in W x 34 in H / 1.6 m L x .9 m W x .9 m H

Cypress Tables

Big Green Egg Custom Cypress Table Options

Big Green Egg's Cypress Tables have a fine grain character that shows off the beauty of the solid wood, and you can stain or paint these tables to match any outdoor decor.

Cypress Table for Large EGG – TGCL
60 in L x 25 in W x 29 in H / 1.5m L x .6 m W x .7 m H

Cypress Table for XLarge EGG – TCXL 61 in L x 32 in W x 29 in H / 1.5m L x .8 m W x .7 m H

Optional Locking Caster Set

For easy mobility, add a set of casters to your Big Green Egg cypress or hardwood table.

Set of 4, includes 2 locking casters.

Table Nest

Big Green Egg Table Nest Size Options

The metal Table Nest, which provides air flow beneath the EGG, is an optional component for all Big Green Egg tables. The Table Nest is also useful for custom outdoor kitchens. Please note that the Table Nest is not designed for free-standing applications unless the EGG is housed within a Table, Island or built-in surround.

Table Nest for XXLarge EGG – NESTABXXL

Table Nest for XLarge EGG – NESTABXL

Table Nest for Large EGG – NESTABL

Table Nest for Medium EGG – NESTABM

We'd like to contact you to confirm your choices and let you know when your custom designed Big Green Egg® is ready.