Below are a few “Myths” about chimneys Myth: Unused chimneys don’t need inspecting The Truth: Chimney’s can develop cracks and weaken the structure. Obstructions like bird nest can build up and cause some big problems down the road. Getting an annual inspections is the best thing for your chimney and small problems can be fixed before they become big problems. Myth: Focus on structural issues The Truth: Creosote buildup and blockages can cause fires and carbon-monoxide poison. A dirty chimney is one of the leading causes for chimney and flue fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Myth: Expect to pay $40 for a basic inspection and cleaning. The Truth: Beware there are frauds out there. Once a cheap sweeper is in your home they will say there is damage and these repairs can cost thousands. A basic inspection and sweeping typically cost $150 to $300 according to the nonprofit Chimney Safety Institute of America. Myth: A good sweep takes 10 minutes. The Truth: Even a basic, level-1 inspections and sweeping can take 60 to 90 minutes. A good sweep will ask you about past problems and turn off fuel-burning appliances. Inspection of the chimney and flashing should be expected as well as cleaning of the chimney and tiding the firebox. A more costly approach the level-2 inspection runs from $225 to $450 and take roughly 90 to 120 minutes. This kind of inspection has structural changes and the level -3 typically has demolition in the cost.