Benefits of Chimney Caps

Many homeowners in Haywood, Buncombe, Jackson and other counties in Western North Carolina question themselves whether it is truly necessary to install a chimney cap. Although a chimney will function just fine without one, this inexpensive little piece of metal can actually save you hundreds of dollars on unnecessary chimney repairs. It will also keep your chimney functioning well by allowing proper ventilation, keeping birds and debris out, and preventing water from falling directly into your chimney. Below are some of the main benefits why you should consider installing a chimney cap for your chimney.

Keeping Out Animals and Debris: Some small animals, such as raccoons and snakes, are known to seek warm shelters in chimneys. These animals may face difficulty to escaping once they have entered, and after they die, they leave behind a smelly carcass that is difficult to extract. Chimney swifts and other small birds may also decide to build a nest in your lovely chimney, one that blocks the air flue of your chimney. These nests may cause blockages that prevent adequate ventilation. This can lead to smoke and toxic gases flowing back into your home, putting you and your family at risk of dangerous smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning. By providing for better ventilation, a chimney cap with mesh can also prevent leaves and other kinds of debris from clogging your chimney, which could lead to chimney fires.

Preventing Rain and Moisture from Entering: Once a good thunderstorm begins pouring, moisture can enter the flue of an uncovered chimney directly. This can cause water to fall inside, which then mixes with the creosote inside of your chimney. Moisture in the interior of a chimney leads to cracks and deterioration in the masonry. Over time, the moisture can damage the ceilings and walls surrounding your fireplace.

Deflecting Sparks and Burning Debris: As fire burns the wood, embers and sparks fly out of the chimney. If these burning little pieces reach the top, your roof or the surrounding areas may be at risk of catching on fire. The mesh wire on chimney caps helps to prevents sparks and burning debris from getting out of your chimney onto the roof.

Correct installation of chimney caps is crucial to ensure that you are maximizing its benefits. If you are interested in getting a chimney cap to help protect your home and family, give Clean Sweep a call today.