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As we enter 2020 we are celebrating 37 years of business in the Chimney and Hearth Industry. We have seen dramatic advances in technology throughout these years, from the service side of the industry to the performance of the stoves themselves. We’ve watched wood stoves evolve from nasty polluting pigs to highly efficient stoves that can light themselves while putting out fewer emissions than most vehicles! Amazing!

Clean Sweep is constantly participating in continuing education classes. I can say without reservation that we know the Chimney and Hearth industry inside out. But I have to tell you, leaky chimneys are the toughest, most evasive and overall challenging problem we deal with. In the past we would shy away from leaks, or hastily diagnose and “fix” the problem just to find out the darn thing still leaks. Attitude is everything and with that said we have fully embraced leaky chimneys and take a comprehensive at fixing the problem.

Chimneys protrude above the roofline leaving them exposed to more severe weather than any other part of your home. Spending a little time to protect your chimney now may save you thousands of dollars down the road. Chimneys take a beating from weather year-round and water penetration is the single biggest cause of deterioration and damage.

If you have a problem that no one has been able to help you with, or just want to do some preventive maintenance give us a call here at Clean Sweep, because we fix leaky chimneys!

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