Chimney Repair & Leaky Chimneys

Chimneys take a beating from weather year round and water penetration is the single biggest cause of deterioration and damage.

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Chimney Lining

Flue liners in a masonry chimney need to be durable  for optimal safety and performance. Unlined chimneys have been tested as unsafe as a liner protects the house from heat transfer to combustibles. We line your chimney with the safest and most reliable products available in the business.  An incorrect sized liner can lead to excessive creosote build-up in wood burning stoves and may produce carbon monoxide with conventional fuels.  

We at Clean Sweep remain dedicated to the upmost safety of our clients and their families.

Chimney Relining

Most types of chimney flue liners will over time become deteriorated. Carbon Monoxide, heat, flames, smoke and sparks exit through the liner to the outside. We at Clean Sweep are proud to offer our clients relining services making the use of your older fireplace safe to use once again. We can not only give you information on the bests type of liners to use with your flue but also replace your flue lining with the most cost effective material available as well as the safest.

Please contact one of our professionals here at Clean Sweep and we will come and inspect your flue lining.

Masonry Repair

Mortar Crowns

The chimney is one of the most taken for granted structures of a home. A neglected chimney may do its job reasonably well, and because of this many folks become indifferent to it. However, a chimney deteriorated by constant exposure to the weather can be a potential safety hazard. This can become an entry spot for water to enter the chimney. The crown is the top element of a masonry chimney. It covers and seals the top of the chimney from the flue liner to the chimney edge. This crown should provide a downward slope that will direct the water from the flue to the edge of the crown.

We can repair or replace a damaged chimney crown making your chimney once again safe for you and your family. 

Tuck pointing

Here at Clean Sweep our professionals realize that while bricks on your chimney last a century or longer, the mortar surrounding those bricks have a much shorter lifespan. Depending on the exposure your chimney has had due to excess water or other conditions, your mortar usually lasts approximately twenty-five years.

 When determining if your home needs this type of repair, call us for an inspection.  Upon inspection a determination is made as to the integrity of the mortar in question. Then, the most preemptive action a homeowner can take is to have the mortar replaced. This will restore the structural stability of the chimney and help to prevent water from entering the chimney system. This is considerably more cost effective than a total tear down and a rebuild. This restores your masonry to the most optimal condition and improve the value of your home. 

Hearth & Firebrick Repair

As with any aspect of your home, your fireplace requires maintenance to ensure family safety.  Fire brick is a liner within your fireplace that not only absorbs heat but also provides a buffer between the firebox and the fire itself. These can become damaged after years of use which can cause the fire brick to crack or fall out. This can become a potential fire hazard and needs to be replaced or repaired before using your fireplace.  We can restore the beauty and function to your firebox or hearth once again while maintaining the safety of your fireplace.

Rebuilding or Repairing Chimney Tops

Serious damage can occur in your chimney with the start of even a hairline crack. Catching this repair job before it turns into a major rebuild project is optimal. We professionals here at Clean Sweep, following our careful inspection, can repair and replace indvidual bricks. However, if the majority of the brick are compromised then your chimney may need to be rebuilt from the roof line up. We will keep the original design and match the existing brick as much as possible. Call us for an appointment.

Chimney Waterproofing

Water penetration is the single most cause of damage to a chimney. Leaks can be a frustrating problem for many homeowners and waterproofing is a surefire way to solve this. Spending money on having your chimney waterproofed is the best way to solve leaks. If there are any cracks within the joints, we will seal these before waterproofing. We will coat your chimney with two coats for best performance.  

Save yourself the trouble of waterproofing by having our technicians do this for you!

Chimney Smoke Problems

Does your home smell of smoke much of the time? Do you have an issue with getting a fire started? Your chimney is most likely the cause of this problem.  Two factors that affect your chimneys performance are draft and capacity. You may have a lot of draft but inadequate capacity. Your chimney may be blocked or have leaks. Wind patterns can affect chimney flow if another building or tree directs the wind down toward your chimney.  The size of your chimney may also be a contributing factor.

 Let us diagnose and solve your chimney smoke problems for you. 

Custom Metal Fabrication

One of our specialties is our own custom metal fabrication. We can offer our clients the creativeness of our in-house customization services to add the design of your individual fireplace. We can provide everything from custom fireplace doors and surrounds as well as chinmey caps and shrouds in varying styles and materials. 

Your home can be a statement of your individuality whether it is a copper style chimney cap or a specific design statement to enhance your fireplace, our full service fabrication shop will work with you. You can have the look you have dreamed about!

Ask us about the varying materials we can offer you to have your fireplace become a statement in your home.

Chimney Water Damage Repair

Water damage to masonry chimneys is a subtle process. Usually this is not evident until it has become serious. Water damage causes greater damage than fire. Above the roof line your chimney is exposed to all  kinds of weather elements. We can help you with your water damage after thoroughly inspecting your chimney. This may be replacing the chimney cap or crown, or replacing the flashing between the roof and the chimney.

Let our experts help you with any water damage by making an appointment.

Level I Inspection

Our service technicians will provide a Level I inspection based on the needs of your usage of your fireplace. This inspection is recommended only if you are using your chimney with the exact same conditions and with the exact same appliance. Only the portions of your chimney that are readily accessible, including the exterior, interior and accessible portions of the fireplace and your chimney connection will be inspected. Soundness of the structure of chimney and flue will be checked. We will check your basic appliance installation in addition to verifying that the chimney is free of combustible deposits and obstructions.

The cost for this inspection is $149. Then if a cleaning is recommended then the total amount is $229.

Level II Inspection

This critical inspection is required when there have been any changes made to the system. This could include a fuel type change, the relining of the flue or the replacement or addition of an appliance that has a different input rating or efficiency. A Level II inspection is also required in the transfer or sale of the property. This can also include operator malfunction or another external event that may have created damage to the chimney. A chimney fire, home fire or a catastrophic event are indicators that this Level II inspection is needed. This includes everything in a Level I inspection plus the accessible portions of the chimney exterior as well as interior including the attic, basement and crawl spaces checking for proper clearances from combustibles in these locations.  

The entire cost for Level II is $289 and includes the Chimney Sweep.


For whatever service need, Clean Sweep will send out a chimney technician to fully appraise the situation. Please call our main office at (828) 456-9775 to schedule your appointment.