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At no point in a level 1 or level, 2 chimney inspection will chimney brickwork be physically removed. However, if structural damage is evident or parts of a chimney are not accessible, a more thorough Level 3 inspection will be necessary.

During Level 3 chimney inspections, chimney walls may be partially dismantled to gain access to hidden areas. Chimney crowns and flashing may also be removed to expose concealed damage and otherwise not obvious chimney maintenance problems.

  • Level 3 inspections verify the structural integrity of concealed chimney areas.
  • Partial demolition of chimney areas and surrounding home architecture may be necessary to gain access to hidden flue areas. (In every case, though, Clean Sweep will attempt to limit damage and keep disruption to a minimum.)
  • A Level 3 inspection may result in permanent removal of some chimney structures to counter fire risks and fuel emission hazards.

As a general rule, a level 2 or level 3 chimney inspection will be required whenever you update your home heating system or carry out extensive home repairs or renovations. The minimum of a Level 2 inspection will also be required if you plan to sell or transfer ownership of your property.

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