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Does your home smell of smoke much of the time? Do you have an issue with getting a fire started? Your chimney is most likely the cause of this problem.  Two factors that affect your chimneys performance are draft and capacity. You may have a lot of draft but inadequate capacity. Your chimney may be blocked or have leaks. Wind patterns can affect chimney flow if another building or tree directs the wind down toward your chimney.  The size of your chimney may also be a contributing factor.

Smoke problems from draft in your fireplaces and chimneys may occur for a variety of reasons. Clogged chimneys, dirty or improperly fitted chimney caps, excessive creosote or firebox size are some of the many reasons for smoke within the home. Fans from your kitchen, bathroom etc. can also create a bad draft. Another issue one occasionally finds is actual air blowing down the chimney. Maybe the the chimney is short or if the house is located at the base of a mountain.

Let us diagnose and solve your chimney smoke problems for you. 

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