Chimney Sweeping

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Every home is unique as is every chimney and flue system.

We make every effort to keep your home as clean as possible while sweeping. A standard chimney cleaning includes a state of the art chimney video inspection. This first step is important to determine if any repairs need to be completed as well as exactly how much creosote is in the chimney. We will do a thorough removal of the flaky creosote deposits from the fireplace system (the chimney flue, smoke chamber and firebox). We also will utilize special rods, chimney brushes, and hand brushes. A HEPA soot vacuum can be used to remove ash particles from your fireplace. This vacuum is specially designed for chimney cleaning.

Our technicians at Clean Sweep are professionals and are trained to remove flammable and hazardous creosote.

This type of cleaning should only be performed by professionals. You will not have to climb a roof or handle the toxins that consist in a chimney. The complete process may take upwards of two hours. This should be done in the summer months so your fireplace will be cleaned and ready to heat your home when the cooler temperatures arrive . This is an effective maintenance needed to restore your fireplace safe for use once again. Call us for an appointment.

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