Fireplace Accessories

We stock all the accessories to make your fireplace more user-friendly and attractive. Come by and view our selection of products.

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Wood Racks & Buckets

At The Fireplace Shop we have a wide selection of heavy duty Log Racks. Sturdy does not have to mean unsightly. Various styles have architectural designs so you don't have to hide your rack in the backyard. This way, because of its attractiveness, you can keep it close to the porch or deck. Various sizes are available to you that can hold from 1/8th cord to a full cord. We also have attractive indoor racks to keep at fireside that will compliment any hearth

To keep a small stack of wood or fat woods handy, we also have Firewood Buckets to purchase.  There are many finishes such as Copper, Iron, or Tin. These Buckets will add style to your living and family room hearth.

Fireplace Tool Sets

You want your hearth to have an attractive look that matches the decor of your home, yet functional fireplace tools are a necessity to keeping it clean and tidy. If your home has a wood burning fireplace or a pellet stove, you need a variety of tools to keep those fires burning optimally. Even if you have a gas fireplace, the right attractive set of fire place tools can give your hearth the realistic look you are looking for.  There are also varying choices in metals to choose from. We have assorted Copper to Wrought Iron to Brass Tools.

Design styles in Traditional, Contemporary or Rustic are a few of the choices we here at The Fireplace Shop have to purchase.

Fireplace Screens have functional purpose protecting your home and family from sparks. They also aid in dispersing heat. Yet you want to continue adding style to your home and hearth and our Screens do just that. We carry an impressive selection in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes that can match existing materials in your home. There are choices of Child Guard Screens, Spark Guard Screens, Single Panel Screens, Tri-Folding Fireplace Screens, as well as Summer Screens for use during summertime. 

Come on down to The Fireplace Store to check out our current selections.

Fireplace Grates

An important part of any fireplace is the grate! We carry Self-Feeding Grates that keep the fires going with gravity. This grate is designed to drop the un-burnt wood into the hottest part of the fire, keeping the fire going so you don't have to.

If you prefer an Ember Bed Grate for a cleaner burn then this grate may be your choice. It is designed to keep the hot coals directly under the wood. In turn this keeps embers off the floor and makes the fire easier to start.

There is a certain charm in burning a real wood fire. If you love that charm then we carry a quality line of cast iron grates which are designed to hold in the heat and will make your fire easier to get started again as well.

If you are in the market for an outdoor grate, The Fireplace Shop carries grates specific to outdoor fireplaces with extra tall grates and zero clearance grates.

Drop on by to take a look at our endless possibilities for your grate great needs!

Log Carrier

Our selection of Log Carriers here at The Fireplace Shop will not only add function but also beauty. You may choose from a Rolling Log Cart to roll logs inside near your hearth.  Our your needs may be better met by using a Canvas, Leather or Rattan Log Basket! We are the one- shop for your Log Carrier needs.

Hearth Rugs

At The Fireplace Shop our desire is to improve the value of your home with your fireplace being the focal point in a room or outdoor space. The perfect finishing touch to your Hearth displays are Hearth Rugs. Fire resistant rugs offer increased family safety and convenience. Yet, they also provide elegance to any space where they are used. There is something in every style, shape and every individual taste. 

We have half round hearth mats, oval hearth rugs, floral hearth rugs, fireproof fireplace mates and more. Come to our Showroom and browse our selection.

Fire Resistant Gloves

Our selection of Leather Hearth Gloves for either a fireplace, wood stove, outdoor fire pit, or campfire, is like no other at The Fireplace Shop.

Fire Resistant Gloves are a must have fire safety essential to your hearthside.

Our gloves are constructed of heavy-duty fire-resistant fabric so you can add logs and stoke the fire without burning your hands and wrists.

Ash Buckets

An important task to the upkeep of any Fireplace, Wood Stove, Pellet Stove or Fire Pit is cleaning out the ashes. This is an essential step that keep your fireplace and hearth area tidy and clean but also makes collecting and disposing of ashes safe and easy. This allows you to avoid direct contact with the hot ashes and coals thereby protecting your home and family.

Our selection includes a wide variety of ash shovels, ash vacuums, ash buckets with lid and shovel sets as well as pellet Hods. 

Stove Powered Fans

Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop carries the very popular Ecofan. This accessory is a must have if you live in a region with harsh winters or if you regularly experience power outages during the cold weather. Ecofans run solely on the heat produced from your stove. That means that you can rely on this fan to help heat your home during power outages! Ecofan also helps solve the issue of heat rising into the room.

With Ecofans cordless, and highly energy efficiency, you can have the blower power when your stove is hot. 

This fan creates its own electricity and pushes warm air up to 100 cubic feet per minute. This fan works the best on wood stoves with surface temperatures between 230 degrees and 650 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes completely assembled and is not noisy during operation.

Fire Starters

Whether you prefer to use Earth-Friendly Rapid Fire Starter Packs or Fatwood or Starter Logs the choice is up to you. Yet we at The Fireplace Shop carry these important accessories to help you start your fire most effieciently.