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Fireplace Grates

An important part of any fireplace is the grate! We carry Self-Feeding Grates that keep the fires going with gravity. This grate is designed to drop the un-burnt wood into the hottest part of the fire, keeping the fire going so you don't have to.

If you prefer an Ember Bed Grate for a cleaner burn then this grate may be your choice. It is designed to keep the hot coals directly under the wood. In turn this keeps embers off the floor and makes the fire easier to start.

There is a certain charm in burning a real wood fire. If you love that charm then we carry a quality line of cast iron grates which are designed to hold in the heat and will make your fire easier to get started again as well.

If you are in the market for an outdoor grate, The Fireplace Shop carries grates specific to outdoor fireplaces with extra tall grates and zero clearance grates.

Drop on by to take a look at our endless possibilities for your grate great needs!

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