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After combustible material is oxidized from being burned thouroughly, this is the solid residue that is left. This is the powdery residue that is left

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Ash Dump

This is an opening that is located at the bottom of a fireplace. After ash has accumulated enough, you can then dump it from this opening, and

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Ash Pit

Much like an Ash Dump – This is a chamber located in the base of a chimney. It collects the remnants of ash, and allows you to remove

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This is an object that can be installed in an appliance, usually within a wood stove, or chimney, that will assist in changing the direction of

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If you need to force air under pressure, then a blower is a fan that you can use in order to achieve this.

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Carbon Monoxide

This is a byproduct of combustion not being complete. It is a colorless, odoreless, tasteless, and potentially fatal gas that is highly toxic.

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A technique that is based around metal flue pipes, and used to simulate the structure of a chimney. It is often built using wood, or steel stud material,

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A near vertical passageway, that’s main purpose is for transporting flue gases from an appliance within a household, and funneling it outside.

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Chimney Cap

Located at the top of a chimney – This is a covering that is used as housing, and it’s sole purpose is to try and prevent various

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Chimney Caps Backdraft

When a chimney cap isn’t installed properly it can lead to the chimney not being able to breathe as it should. This often leads to a backdraft,

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Chimney Cleaning

This is a cleaning process that is used to remove various elements such as: debris, soot, and creosote. Commonly referred to as a chimney sweep – this should be

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Chimney Cleaning Log

A chemically laden log that when burned will loosen creosote, and soot. This allows the debris to fall into the firebox for easy removal. This is not considered a

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Chimney Liner

Located inside the chimney, and usually made out of metal or clay tiles. These contain combustable products, and must be kept intact in order for any

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Chimney Sweep Guild

An organization that is made up of various chimney sweeps. It’s sole purpose is to offer awarness to the public, as well as furthering the education of

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Clean Out Doors

Found in a masonry chimney – this allows access to the interior in order for a sweep to inspect, and clean. They are generally made of clay,

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Used in masonry metrics – this is an object that extends out from a wall in order to support a structure above it.

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A dark oil that is distilled from coal tar, and typically used as a wood preservative. It is composed of mostly organic compounds.

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This is used to shed water away from the flue liner, and is a design that slightly slopes, or has a bevelled edge at the top

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Damper (Top Mount)

Located at the very top of a chimney, this works by closing the top half of the flue when it is not in use. It’s purpose is to

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Direct Vent

Exhaust air is removed by the liner, which then brings combustion air into the appliance inbetween the inner liner and outer wall. This is a double

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This is a pressure difference that draws combustion into the appliance and expels gas into the chimney.

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Energy Loss

The amount of heated air that is expelled due to cracks, or seals around doors / windows / flues.

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Can withstand high amounts of heat, and is made of clay and silica. It comes in a brick shape.

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Fireplace Designs

Various manners in which a fireplace is constructed. Mostly for functional purposes, but often to visually enhance a home as well.

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Fireplace Screens

Often made of glass or mesh meterial – these are placed in front of a fireplace opening with the intention of protecting your house from

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This is the definition of using a material in hopes of waterproofing valleys in a roof, or the angle between a roof and the chimney.

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Brick Flue From Within


This is the passage in a chimney that’s purpose is to exhaust flue gas outside.

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Flue Liner

A liner that is required by codes and standars to cover the surface of the flue. It serves as a buffer between flue gases / chimney walls. It is designed

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Gas Insert

An appliance that burns propane or a natural gas. It is an insert that you put into an existing fireplace and it helps create a

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Masonry Fireplace

This consists of a firebox, and a heart that is made out of masonry materials such as brick / stone reinforced concrete, and then given a chimney.

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Made of wood sawdust, and usually in the shape of a small block or ball. These contain no additive.

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The process of relining a chimney whenever one or various components need repair.

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Smoke Shelf

This is created when the back wall of the firebox arches forward, and is at the intersection of a smoke chamber and firebox.

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Either powdery or flaky, and always black. This is the leftover matter from an organic compound not being fully burned.

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This can either be a lining, tube, or ring that is removable and may be located in a hole where the chimney connector passes through a wall

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Usually made of steel or cast iron, and are a source of heating your home. They tend to be enclosed.

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