​A typical home inspection concern for homeowners is ceiling stains. Ceiling stains may occur if your chimney was installed correctly, or if there has been damage to your chimney. The most common cause of a ceiling stain is an improperly flashed chimney. If your chimney is wrongly flashed, it could cause roof leakage. The most obvious concern with ceiling stains is roof leakage because it can be costly and lead to more severe issues.

Leaks or stains on the ceiling may indicate unsafe chimney conditions. Stains around chimneys are usually more than just a cosmetic issue. You should look out for stains from water, creosote, or soot. This is an indication that water is entering the flue.

An improperly flashed chimney will most likely be the cause of leakage and ceiling stains. The most obvious concern with ceiling stains is roof leakage. If you have a ceiling stain, let one of our trained technicians inspect your chimney.

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