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Outdoor Living is a lifestyle that emphasizes outdoor activities, amenities, and recreation. New this year we have expanded our store with an outdoor living showroom. We invite you to let our professional staff help you plan, purchase and build your outdoor living space.

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Big Green Egg®

We are the areas major dealer for Nests and accessories. The perfect cooking experience is when you use a Big Green Egg. It is the only outdoor cooker you will ever desire. The Egg has made significant changes to keep it number one in the market. State -of- the art ceramics, a stainless steel cooking grid, a wide range of adjusted cooking temperatures and a permanent porcelain green glaze to preserve our signature color. 

Did you know that The Big Green Egg is a grill, oven and smoker all in one? Well, it is!  You can sear the perfect piece of meat on the Egg. There are two dampers for accurate control allowing you to lower the heat to grill at a moderate temperature. Seafood grills up tender and moist incomparable to any other grill on the market. 

We carry several styles of EGGS from Extra Large to the Mini EGG.

The Big Green Egg also comes with a convEGGtor which can bake pies, casseroles, pizza or even bread with the ease of your oven. Foods do not dry out and moisture and heat are maintained. Meats and veggies flavors stay juicier inside using this method.

Because of its insulating properties you can control exactly how low you want to heat with. This results in a controllable 200 to 350 degrees F that gives you that smoked flavor leaving you with delicious turkey, ham, lamb, ribs or chicken. You can even slow cook for over sixteen hours!

Outdoor Gas Grills

We are dealers for major brands such as Fire Magic, Vermont Castings and Summerset gas grills.

Fire Magic grills has been a world class manufacturer of outdoor grills for over 75 years. Made with the highest quality of materials for the most discerning of cooks, Fire Magic has many features and is backed by a warranty. These grills are produced by skilled craftsmen and made with the highest quality, heavy gaged as well as appliance grade stainless steel. It will easily become the last grill that you will ever need to buy.

Vermont Castings grills are proudly made in Vermont! So if you prefer to purchase from the United States of America this is the grill to buy. A grill by Vermont Castings is expertly made of the finest cast iron with porcelain coated grates. The grates are rounded on one side for cooking foods such as burgers or steaks, then flat on the other side for tender foods like seafood. These are reversible and have the ease of cleaning with the durability that is renown worldwide.  Available on all of their grills is the easy ignition system which uses a single source that ignites every burner. Vermont Castings grills stand the test of time as they are covered by warranties. 

Summerset Professional Grills have a commitment to quality that is attributed to the craftsmanship that goes into the making of their grills. Summerset offers commercial grade, stainless steel gas grills, BBQ islands, Fire Pits as well as freestanding grills. They have products for every budget offering you innumerable choices to build your dream outdoor cooking experience.  Summerset also offers cold storage, bars, sinks, storage drawers and accessories such as built in cutting boards and grill covers.

Gas Fire Pits

Our Pro's at The Chimney Shop can help you build your Outdoor Fire Gas Pit!

 Gas fired tables and fire pits add a warm and cozy glow to any outdoor space. A gas fire pit it easy to maintain and definitely create a focal point to any outdoor living space.  Your neighbors will be so envious of this design statement that you will have in your backyard.

 Please keep in mind that you can choose the shape that you desire, the size you have in mind, and the base stone that you would like to use. Another choice is the cap stone that you prefer and what type of gas you have to use. Our designers can help you choose the style of your pit area, be it Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic or Traditional.

Wood Fire Pits

Ahhh, gathering around a fire pit with friends and family.... does that bring back childhood memories?  Making s'mores or cooking hotdogs are just a few activities you will be able to enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard. In doing so it not only adds value to your home but it can generate family togetherness.

In determining the best location for your wood-burning fire pit, ask yourself some questions first. Do you want a small pit or a destination style pit that will become a permanent part of your landscape? You will want to ensure that this space is safe and that no sparks will find a home in nearby bushes, brush, or grass. 

Now it is time to begin exploring all the design options that we can help you with.

What shape would you envision within your space? We have many design options for you to choose, such as rustic with stone or a more modern look with stainless steel and slate. Brick, polished river rock, the choices are endless. We would love to discuss your dream wood burning pit with you!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Sitting around the fire on the first cool night of summer and star gazing at the same time. Listening to the wood crackling while watching the first snowfall of the season. Hosting parties for family gatherings and dinners with friends all around your outdoor fireplace. We are your hometown fireplace provider! Now you can share with your family and friends the coziness of an outdoor fireplace that you can design with our help.

Choosing the right fireplace for your outdoor living space can be overwhelming when considering all of the options in fuel, designs, styles, and finishes that are available on the market.

Let us help you with the pros and cons of the most popular materials and structures available in the market. Some examples to choose from are, brick veneer, stucco, stone or even decorative concrete. Another choice you have in your functional outdoor fireplace is what type of fuel you would like to use. Do you have to have the traditional wood fire or would you prefer the ease of a gas outdoor fireplace? Let our professionals help you with factors such as your space availability, local building codes, privacy and wind direction. Because of these safety issues, outdoor fireplaces need to be installed by a professional like those here at The Chimney Sweep Store

Please make an appointment today to discuss building you your own custom Outdoor Fireplace.

Outdoor Sinks & Refrigeration

What is more American than a summer barbecue? Yet now because of our love for outdoor cooking, gourmet meals can be cooked outdoors on a year round basis. According to a new national poll released by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, seventy percent of Americans revealed the they prefer cooking out to eating out! Food tastes better and the joys of eating in an outdoor setting is a wonderful way to entertain. 

When deciding on the configuration of your outdoor kitchen self-sufficiency should be your goal as well as durability. Outdoor sinks and refrigerators will be your best solution to consider.

Outdoor refrigerators should be able to withstand the weather. Most are installed beneath the countertop. This helps preserve your outdoor counter space. Stainless steel will provide you with years of use.

If an outdoor mini bar is a feature you and your family would enjoy, we can help you design this into your kitchen. An outdoor beverage center is perfect for mixing a refreshing drink by the patio and by using heavy-duty materials, it can endure all weather conditions.  Keep in mind that the most expensive part of an outdoor sink will be tying it into the home's plumbing system as the water lines must be thoroughly insulated to protect against freezing.

Let our professional outdoor kitchen designers answer any questions you may have concerning adding a sink or refrigerator to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Furniture

Your new favorite spot may no longer be in the living room in front of the television, but outside in your new outdoor living area. Spending dinner time together with your family outdoors may be your new tradition! We have a range of outdoor furniture manufacturers for your home or business. 

We carry several styles of EGGS from Extra Large to the Mini EGG.

Dining Sets have many materials, styles and configurations to choose from. Discover what type and style is right for your outdoor space.

Seating Groups are one of the most popular of all choices in patio furniture. There are love seats, sofas, lounge chairs, swivel chairs, gliders and ottomans. Most have plush cushioning for your families comfort, yet are durable to hold up to the weather.

Sectionals are another choice in outdoor comfort. Many materials are available for you to choose from. Whatever your style, from contemporary to rustic, we have sectionals for you to select.

Bar Tables can elevate your outdoor space to a new level! Many customers prefer bar size tables on their decks to aid in overlooking their outdoor spaces. 

The Chimney Shop is your one stop shopping place to have your outdoor living spaces become a reality. Stop by today.