Big Green Egg®

We are the areas major dealer for Nests and accessories. The perfect cooking experience is when you use a Big Green Egg. It is the only outdoor cooker you will ever desire. The Egg has made significant changes to keep it number one in the market. State -of- the art ceramics, a stainless steel cooking grid, a wide range of adjusted cooking temperatures and a permanent porcelain green glaze to preserve our signature color. 

Did you know that The Big Green Egg is a grill, oven and smoker all in one? Well, it is!  You can sear the perfect piece of meat on the Egg. There are two dampers for accurate control allowing you to lower the heat to grill at a moderate temperature. Seafood grills up tender and moist incomparable to any other grill on the market. 

We carry several styles of EGGS from Extra Large to the Mini EGG.

The Big Green Egg also comes with a convEGGtor which can bake pies, casseroles, pizza or even bread with the ease of your oven. Foods do not dry out and moisture and heat are maintained. Meats and veggies flavors stay juicier inside using this method.

Because of its insulating properties you can control exactly how low you want to heat with. This results in a controllable 200 to 350 degrees F that gives you that smoked flavor leaving you with delicious turkey, ham, lamb, ribs or chicken. You can even slow cook for over sixteen hours!

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