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Outdoor Furniture

Your new favorite spot may no longer be in the living room in front of the television, but outside in your new outdoor living area. Spending dinner time together with your family outdoors may be your new tradition! We have a range of outdoor furniture manufacturers for your home or business. 

We carry several styles of EGGS from Extra Large to the Mini EGG.

Dining Sets have many materials, styles and configurations to choose from. Discover what type and style is right for your outdoor space.

Seating Groups are one of the most popular of all choices in patio furniture. There are love seats, sofas, lounge chairs, swivel chairs, gliders and ottomans. Most have plush cushioning for your families comfort, yet are durable to hold up to the weather.

Sectionals are another choice in outdoor comfort. Many materials are available for you to choose from. Whatever your style, from contemporary to rustic, we have sectionals for you to select.

Bar Tables can elevate your outdoor space to a new level! Many customers prefer bar size tables on their decks to aid in overlooking their outdoor spaces. 

The Chimney Shop is your one stop shopping place to have your outdoor living spaces become a reality. Stop by today.

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