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  1. Chimney Swifts

    Chimney Swifts are small cigar shaped migratory birds that pass through our ... Spring looking for nesting sites. As their name indicates chimney swifts build their nests and raise their young almost entirely in ... If your chimney does not have a proper chimney cap you may be inviting swifts to spend the summer with you. Chimney ...

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  2. Benefits of Chimney Caps

    Benefits of Chimney Caps Many homeowners in Haywood, Buncombe, Jackson and other ... themselves whether it is truly necessary to install a chimney cap . Although a chimney will function just fine without one, this ...

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  3. Inspecting Your Chimney

    ... annually, or after about 80 fires, by a certified chimney sweep. The home must have functioning carbon-monoxide detectors. This ... liners and blockages from nesting critters. A chimney cap and a spark arrester can reduce risks. Your chimney sweep company ...

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  4. Bringing Technology to the Field

    ... Defects in a flue can be caused by several things.  A chimney fire will often cause vertical cracks in a masonry flue due to ... We are currently using the Smart-Scan made by Lindemann Chimney Supply.  This type of inspection system uses a smart phone connected ... Ash Dump Chase Chimney Chimney Cap ...

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  5. 13 Hiking Trails In NC

    ... refreshing stop and a “must see” during your visit to Chimney Rock. This 3/4-mile trail offers a leisurely walk that’s ... When you finish with your hike, what better way to cap the day then to nestle down at your house with your loved ones while ...

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