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  1. Masonry Repair

    ... . It covers and seals the top of the chimney from the flue liner to the chimney edge. This crown should provide a downward slope ...

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  2. Chimney Lining

    Chimney Lining Flue liners in a masonry chimney need to be durable  for optimal ... Unlined chimneys have been tested as unsafe as a liner protects the house from heat transfer to combustibles. We line your ... products available in the business.  An incorrect sized liner can lead to excessive creosote build-up in wood burning stoves and ...

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  3. Chimney Relining

    Most types of chimney flue liners will over time become deteriorated. Carbon Monoxide , heat, flames, smoke and sparks exit through the liner to the outside. We at Clean Sweep are proud to offer our clients ... information on the bests type of liners to use with your flue but also replace your flue lining with the most cost effective ...

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