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Why burn wood in your home? The answer really needs to come from you and your families needs. Wood heat is a radiant heat that has a completely different feel from any other form of heat. For thousands of years folks have gathered around the warmth of a wood fire, either in the home or outside.

A real wood fire is always the root of the home as a focus for family, friends and conversation. Even the pets love it! There is a creative process within heating your home with wood. Sure, it is easier to raise the thermostat on the furnace and send a check to the utility company, but not nearly as satisfying. A wood fire requires some effort but the rewards of it are incomparable to any other form of heat.Wood is also a renewable energy source. A well-managed forest can be a renewable resource that can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the need for coal, oil and gas that we also use for heating.

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