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Pellet Stoves

If you want to commit to a renewable energy source for your home, and you are away from your home for a major part of your day, a pellet stove may be for you. This type of fireplace consists of the metal firebox, a door with heat proof glass, along with a flange and metal chimney liner.

A pellet stove burns processed wood that have come from logs that have been debarked, ground and dried. These are then compressed into small pellets that are poured into the top of the stove for filling. Pellets are usually more economic than other fuel sources and like traditional wood, are renewable. Another advantage to a pellet stove is that they are much easier to tend to then a wood burning stove or fireplace. The pellets burn efficiently and clean. Ease of storage compared to logs in another advantage to this type of stove.

One downside to a pellet stove however, is since the pellets are processed wood, they are more likely more expensive than firewood. When determining the cost of operation of a pellet stove, consider cost and availability in your area. Typically pellet bags come in 40 lb. bags and cost anywhere from $3 to $5 per bag.

Our specialists here at Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop can help coach a homeowner on the best stove to buy and also about how to care for these particular stoves.