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Design & Installation

What kind of a fireplace and hearth do you desire for your home?

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a design consultation.

Wood Stoves

Wood heat is a radiant heat that has a completely different feel from any other form of heat.

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.

Wood Inserts

If you choose a Wood Insert for your hearth, our installers will fit a stainless steel lining down your chimney.

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.

Gas Stoves

A very popular selling feature in any home, according to Realtor.com, is a fireplace whether or not they will be used.

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.

Gas Inserts

Enjoy real flames without the hassle of solid fuels.

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.

Pellet Stoves

This type of fireplace consists of the metal firebox, a door with heat proof glass, along with a flange and metal chimney liner.

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.

Pellet Inserts

When deciding on what type of an insert to use in an existing fireplace, consider a Pellet Insert.

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.


"The Hearth is the heart of the home."

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.


A type of hood that projects over the fireplace grate to catch the smoke.

Talk with our very knowledgeable professionals and ask for a consultation.

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About Us

Professional Fire Safety + Heating Experts Providing Quality Fireplace Advice

We specialize in wood, gas, pellet and electric fireplaces, inserts, and stove sales + installation. Our experienced professionals will guide you to the right heating solution for your residential or commercial space with top quality brands, competitive pricing and real insight into government grants. Choose Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop for all of your home or office heating needs.

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From inserts to free standing stoves…

You can trust us to follow the safety measures required for all fireplace installations and repairs. We respond to emergency repair needs as quickly as we can.

Our expert technicians are trained to inspect any type of fireplace or chimney in your home or business

Our expert technicians are trained to remove alls type of animals from your chimney in your home or business

From chimney flue lining to repair, our experience chimney sweeps can take care

With our huge selection of fireplace inserts, stoves, and fireplaces we guarantee you'll find something you love

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Comparison Chart

Find out where your firewood stacks up

Common Name Species Namesort descending Pounds/Cord MBTU/Cord
FIR, BALSAM Abies balsamea 2,125 13.2
FIR, CONCOLOR (WHITE) Abies concolor 2,295 14.2
MAPLE, BIG LEAF Acer macrophyllum 2,890 17.9
BOXELDER (MAPLE ASH) Acer negundo 2,890 17.9
MAPLE, BLACK Acer nigrum 3,400 21.1
MAPLE, RED Acer rubrum 3,230 20.0
MAPLE, SILVER Acer saccharinum 2,805 17.4
MAPLE, SUGAR Acer saccharum 3,740 23.2
BUCKEYE, OHIO Aesculus glabra 1,955 12.1
ALDER, RED OR WHITE Alnus rubra or rhombifolia 2,380 14.8
MADRONE, PACIFIC (ARBUTUS) Arbutus menziesii 3,825 23.7
BIRCH, YELLOW Betula alleghaniensis 3,570 22.1
BIRCH, BLACK Betula lenta 3,910 24.2
BIRCH, WHITE (PAPER) Betula papyrifera 3,230 20.0
BIRCH, GRAY Betula populifolia 3,145 19.5
BEECH, BLUE (IRONWOOD) Carpinus caroliniana 3,825 23.7
HICKORY, BITTERNUT Carya cordiformis 3,825 23.7
HICKORY, SHAGBARK Carya ovata 4,080 25.3
CATALPA (CATAWBA) Catalpa speciosa 2,380 14.8
HACKBERRY Celtis occidentalis 3,145 19.5
DOGWOOD, PACIFIC Cornus nuttallii 3,995 24.8
PERSIMMON, AMERICAN Diospyros virginiana 4,165 25.8
EUCALYPTUS (RED GUM) Eucalyptus camaldulensis 2,975 18.4
BEECH, AMERICAN Fagus grandifolia 3,655 22.7
ASH, WHITE Fraxinus americana 3,485 21.6
ASH, OREGON Fraxinus latifolia 3,230 20.0
ASH, BLACK Fraxinus nigra 2,890 17.9
ASH, GREEN Fraxinus pennsylvanica 3,400 21.1
LOCUST, HONEY Gleditsia triacanthos 3,825 23.7
COFFEETREE, KENTUCKY Gymnocladus dioicus 3,060 19.0
HOLLY, AMERICAN Ilex Opaca 3,995 24.8
BUTTERNUT (WHITE WALNUT) Juglans cinerea 2,125 13.2
WALNUT, BLACK Juglans nigra 3,230 20.0
JUNIPER, ROCKY MTN Juniperus scopulorum 3,145 19.5
CEDAR, EASTERN (REDCEDAR) Juniperus virginiana 1,955 12.1
TAMARACK (LARCH) Larix laricina 3,145 19.5
OSAGE ORANGE (HEDGE) Maclura pomifera 4,845 30.0
APPLE Malus domestica 3,485 21.6
MULBERRY Morus rubra 3,740 23.2
BALSA Ochroma pyramidale 935 5.8
HOP HORNBEAM (IRONWOOD) Ostrya virginiana 4,250 26.4
SORREL (SOURWOOD) Oxydendrum arboreum 3,060 19.0
SPRUCE, ENGELMANN Picea engelmannii 1,955 12.1
SPRUCE, BLACK Picea mariana 2,465 15.3
SPRUCE, SITKA Picea sitchensis 2,380 14.8
HEMLOCK Pinaceae tsuga 2,465 15.3
PINE, JACK (CANADIAN) Pinus banksiana 2,380 14.8
PINE, LODGEPOLE Pinus contora latifolia 2,465 15.3
PINE, WHITE (IDAHO) Pinus monticola 2,236 14.3
PINE, PONDEROSA Pinus ponderosa 2,380 14.8
PINE, NORWAY (RED) Pinus resinosa 2,890 17.9
PINE, PITCH Pinus rigida 2,635 17.0
PINE, WHITE (EASTERN) Pinus strobus 2,125 13.2
SYCAMORE, AMERICAN Platanus occidentalis 2,890 17.9
BAMBOO Poaceae bambusoideae 1,615 10.0
ASPEN, AMERICAN (POPLAR) Populus tremuloides 2,210 13.7
COTTONWOOD (POPLAR) Populus trichocarpa 2,040 12.6
COMPRESSED SAWDUST LOGS* Presto homofecit stipes 2,000 17.0
CHERRY, BLACK Prunus serotina 3,145 19.5
FIR, DOUGLAS Pseudotsuga menzies II 2,805 17.4
OAK, WHITE Quercus alba 3,910 24.2
OAK, OREGON (GARRY) Quercus garryana 3,655 22.7
OAK, BUR (MOSSYCUP) Quercus macrocarpa 3,655 22.7
OAK, RED Quercus rubra 3,570 22.1
OAK, POST Quercus stellata 3,825 23.7
LOCUST, BLACK Robinia pseudoacacia 3,740 23.2
WILLOW Salix 2,295 14.2
CEDAR, WHITE (WHITECEDAR) Thuja occidentalis 1,870 11.6
BASSWOOD (LINDEN) Tilia americana 2,210 13.7
ELM, AMERICAN Ulmus americana 2,975 18.4
ELM, WHITE (RUSSIAN) Ulmus laevis 2,890 17.9
ELM, RED Ulmus rubra 3,060 19.0
MYRTLE, OREGON (PEPPERWOOD) Umbellularia californica 3,485 21.6


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